World Food Day according TeknèItalia

On World Food Day we thought of “celebrating” one of our greatest resources: the Mediterranean Diet. Not everyone knows that the Mediterranean Diet is recognized by UNESCO as well protected in the list of the oral and immaterial patrimony of mankind since 2010.

Just because we know the value, today we want to tell you the values of a balanced diet through its colors. According to the Mediterranean diet, it is not important to give preference to the quantity but above all to the variety of fruits and vegetables. In recent years, several studies have shown that the healthy properties of fruit and vegetables are also due to the abundant presence of some special colored protective substances.

These elements, called Polyphenols and Flavonoids, give fruit and vegetables vibrant and inviting colors. The different colors can be grouped into 5 categories: red, green, white, yellow/orange and blue/purple. Each color corresponds to specific protective action substances, so only by varying the day we eat the fruit and vegetable consumption we can cover all the needs of the body.

Food World Day

We at TeknèItalia decided to “play” a bit with the colors and, therefore, we decided to represent the colors of our media. Our vehicles are varied and designed to meet the needs of every food business.