Our Chocolate Day on board a pastry cart

Why do we love chocolate so much?

From the ancient Aztecs, who considered chocolate a food fit for the gods, to early Europeans, who believed it could serve as both a love potion and medicine, not an awful lot has changed in our centuries-old love affair with the cocoa bean.

But why do we love chocolate so? For the most obvious answer, consider the rich, creamy flavor. We love chocolate primarily because it tastes so good. Every time we taste chocolate, it is a wonderful memory for us. Also, chocolate satisfies our innate preference for sweets and fat.

Cupcake cart

Everybody loves chocolate, so it’s just a win-win. This is the main reason why sell chocolate is one of the most profitable business. From chocolate cakes to candies one, from gelato to hot cocoa, it’s one of the most versatile ingredient. So, we have designed a special line of vehicles. They will help you to sell your products. As the little shops, our vehicles are the solution for your business.

Our pastry line, for example, is designed to meet the needs of confectioners or bakeries. Our vehicles are equipped with additional refrigerated basin, filler or stainless chocolate fountain, just to name but a few. Furthermore is possible to add different accessories according professional needs.

In other words, enjoy chocolate with your business.