Palazzolo Pasticceria at Fico Eataly World

Today is the “GREAT DAY”: it’s opening up FICO Eataly World.Palazzolo Pasticceria a Fico Eataly World

Much more than a shop. Indeed, in this space in Bologna you will be able to discover the Italian food and cuisuine in each part. You will be able to see Italian food being made right before your eyes.
All the wonders of Italian biodiversity in one place. We are sure that exploring the park on foot or by the special FICO Bike it will make you able to get yourself lost in the colors, aromas, and taste of Italy’s past, present, and future.

We are proud that Palazzolo, our customer, will be at FICO Eataly World. Palazzolo and its Sicilian Pastry Shop will be landed in the Factories area. You will find a little piece of Sicily in Bologna. Palazzolo’s pastry-makers constantly will reinvent the consistency of ricotta, citrus fruit, chocolate, and pistachio. Only high-quality Sicilian ingredients.

So, we are so proud that they has chosen us and our Procopio Cannolo to tell more about Sicily and its history. The livery of this food cart, indeed, has been decorated like a traditional Sicilian Cart representing the tales of the Paladins.

Directy from our Procopio cannolo you can taste the traditional Sicilian cannoli, filled at the moment. A necessary step to find the warmth and hospitality of a traditional Sicilian family, and discover the unmistakable flavors of the island’s best locally-grown ingredients.