Cappuccino Day: celebrate it with a coffee cart

National Cappuccino Day is observed annually on November 8. A nice hot cup of cappuccino is perfect on a frosty morning, meeting with friends or just to enjoy a creamy cuppa.

Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam, a cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink.

The word cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars and is the diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning hood or something that covers the head. This popular coffee beverage got its name not from the hood on their habits but from the color of the hooded robes that the friars wore. (The Capuchin friars is an Order of friars in the Catholic Church, among the chief offshoots of the Franciscans.)

Coffee Cart for sale

It’s another symbol of Italian food. Celebrating it we decided to design a special line of vehicles projected to sell coffee and similar things. The coffee line has three models: Katerina, Gea inside and Don Cola inside.

Different way to conceive the way to sell. Katerina, indeed, is a compact and small coffee cart for sale. So it’s ideal for catering, event or street sales. While Don Cola and Gea are better for street vendor, because they are two little coffeee shops. In these models you will have every equiptment you need from the fridge to the showcase. Our team will support you to design the best composition for your vehicle according your needs.

The main difference between Don Cola and Gea is that the second vehicle is electric. Gea inside, indeed, is a model of our Green line. It’s totally eco-friendly and will permit you to be present also in limited traffic zone or in protected areas like parks and beaches.

If you are in doubt about what kind of vehicle to choose, contact us. Our team will help you to find the best solution for your business.