Don Peppino Gelato

Classy and breath-taking

A vintage attractive design with the most advanced italian technology.
The characteristics that have always distinguished our "Made in Italy".

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Details make the difference

Our patented details make unique
the design of Don Peppino inside

Don Peppino colored with luxurious materials such chrome and gold

A very refined little shop

Teknèitalia’s products are characterized by our patented lids colored
with luxurious materials such as silver and gold

The finishes make Don Peppino inside an example of very high quality Italian design.

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Don Peppino
Gelato van
Don Peppino inside

Like a complete Ice-Cream Shop

Don Peppino inside will assist You during busy days

Up to 80 Kg of Gelato/Ice-cream capacity at your service

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More than 7 hours of autonomy

Charging it during the night you can work more than 7 hours
without the need for electricity

Don Peppino

Don Peppino inside opening animation

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Don Peppino inside

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Don Peppino